Welcome To Taci's Beyti!

Taci's Beyti, a warm, comfortable kebab house, is all about family. It's been that way almost from the day Taci Bek opened the doors in 1988. Ersin Bek, his son, runs the restaurant, with a crew of Turkish cooks who haven't changed the menu much since the start. Nor should they. The food here is as homey and reliable as the atmosphere. Highlights include: leek or artichoke meze, eggplant purée, fried liver cubes, French fries, lamb casserole, kebabs and kunefe, a sweet cheese layered with shredded dough and drenched in honey syrup. -Kim Severson


Tacis Beyti Turkish Restaurant
1953-55 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11223

Telephone: 718-627-5750
E-Mail: [email protected]

HOURS: 12PM - 11PM
FREE DELIVERY: Monday-Sunday

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