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Taci's features dishes like lahmajun, pide (bread) baked with a custard-like egg and feta filling, Adana kebab (grilled on a flat skewer), Beyti kebab (round, and spicier than Adana), and Iskender kebab. Iskender kebab is the most elaborate kebab; actually a dish made with spit-cooked ground meat, the Doner kebab. Doner is the meat that is cooked on the big vertical spit (like Greek gyro) and served in thin slices. To become Iskender kebab it is layered on top of fried bread with both a yogurt sauce and a tomato sauce.


Tacis Beyti Turkish Restaurant
1953-55 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11223

Telephone: 718-627-5750
E-Mail: Tacis1955@aol.com

HOURS: 12PM - 11PM
FREE DELIVERY: Monday-Friday

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